Santa Margarita

The proposal is for a new residence within a larger ranch property along the Central Coast of California. The home, parked along an upper ridge surrounded by native oaks and chapparal is meant to hover lightly above the existing topography with effortless grace.

The main fa├žade presents a restrained rectilinear face, while the remaining elevations are punctuated by a series of wooden louvers that act as both window frame and ventilation mechanism. The exterior corridors thread various rooms together while leading to an architectural promontory for viewing the property.

Large, brick-clad walls encase an interior courtyard that is flanked by a cantilevered deck that hovers above the existing topography of the ridge, along with the preservation of an existing oak. Ranch guestrooms are positioned along two perimeter banks that run downslope facing eastward toward a meadow and westward towards a prominent barranca.

  • Year completedTBD
  • Square footage2 800 ft2
  • Project typeResidential
  • LocationSan Luis Obispo County
  • MaterialLime-washed plaster, long-format brick, redwood siding