Summit House

Sits on a corner lot within historic Lincoln Heights. The neighborhood, which rests among a series of foothills and mesas above the Arroyo Seco and Los Angeles River, was once home to many of the city’s original pioneer families who used local river stone, wood, and clay in the construction of their homes.

Fashioned in the Arts & Crafts style, the Summit House was originally built in 1907 and was remodeled several times over the course of its lifetime.

Our approach was to reinterpret a vernacular heritage while ensuring the design remained relevant to contemporary living. Flexible programming, local finishes, and considered detailing lend themselves to a home that is both respectful of the past and conducive to the present. The kitchen is lined with painted groove paneling, walnut slab counters, and locally made black terracotta tile. An antique copper lantern sits above a custom banquette designed by Bernatz.

Primary dressed in neutrals, the living room is lined by moody, green-toned shutters and is anchored by an oiled, red Gum Eucalyptus built in sofa made especially for the space. Tying the spaces together, the adjacent office utilizes the same dark green shutters. An antique Mexican desk, copper Lindsay Adelman table lamp, and repurposed Greta Grossman chair flank the westward view of the downtown skyline. The bedroom features vaulted, lime-washed walls and ceilings and a custom redwood headboard and furniture.

  • Year completed2020
  • Square footage1 933 ft2
  • Project typeResidential
  • LocationLincoln Heights, Los Angeles, CA
  • MaterialLime-washed plaster, black terracotta tiles, Oak flooring, Black Walnut, Red Gum Eucalyptus millwork
  • PhotographyJohn Daniel Powers
  • Custom WoodworkerAnother Good Job

A Ron Rezek lamp sits adjacent to a large ceramic vessel by Chris Brock.


Custom bench made by Nik Gelormino


An archway to the breakfast nook includes a bent-rattan chair from Expormim with a custom ash wraparound bench and oak dining table designed by Bernatz. A patinated copper 1920’s pendant from Altadena hangs above.


A copper Lindsey Adelman table lamp and repurposed Greta Grossman chair next to an antique Mexican desk look out towards Downtown Los Angeles.


A collection of Bauer pottery, made in the neighborhood at the turn of the century, sits above contemporary outdoor dining table.